River Court

River Court

A Tempting Life Invites You


River Court brings you the aroma of a beautiful life! Think fragrance and you would think of the fresh aroma of your morning tea, the tempting smell of your favorite dish, the mesmerizing perfume of wet soil, the everlasting scent of sweet memories....

  • Fragrance is the soul of a blossoming life.
  • River Court is full of that fascinating perfume!

River Court

Blossoms of sheer pleasure!

You are in safe hands

Its just when you get a quality space & ample freedom to catch your pace-you perform explore & excel... be it you at personal or professional task or be it your child learning the world, strongly believes in giving a good life space.

Everyone has a dream. Ours is to make yours happen. Growth has become synonymous with . It's a growth that has been powered by the dreams we have fueled every minute of everyday.

And as we look in to tomorrow, we too have a dream to become the largest Infrastructure company in India. And just like your dream, we are sure ours is only poised to get bigger with your support as a share holder and part of Parivaar.

At River Court nothing is more important than the passion we show towards building monuments a fine international living.

We continue to make all right moves, now you make aright move.


Amenities in River Court

Your Aspirations

Environment that you seek “River Court“ is all setup to shape a new dream house and infrastructure that young hearts envision to grow in. River Court“ is a subtle reflection of a happier tomorrow. For with, “River Court“ you only expect the best


It is important to be in touch with the earth To make this possible River Courtcomes with its own little terrace garden That little patch of green where you can grow your own vegetables. The open parks make it possible for your to stay in touch with Nature.


Surrounded by lush green cover, the air around clean and unpolluted. Landscaped gardens, jogging tracks, tree filled playing areas for children, amphitheater and a swimming pool - all go to make the air that is clean and pure easily available for you and your family

Project Layout

Project Layout of River Court

1 Area Of Entire Plot(super built up area) 93766 SQ.MT.
2 Area Of Road Networks 27711 SQ.MT.
3 Area Of Common Plots and Park 3737 SQ.MT.
4 Area Of Total Sub Plots 62318 SQ.MT.
Inhale the aroma of a fascinating life

Hapiness is here

“It is for those who believe in living lifestyle to the fullest and crave something more then the obvious lifestyle everyone else desires.”